Do you struggle to get your kids to eat fruits & vegetables?

We all know that it's important for our kids eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables. We all also know that is can sometimes feel like every meal and snack is a battle to get your kids to eat. 

  • Gives you simple ways to turn basic fruits and veggies into fun snacks.
  • Shows you how to make 10 different healthy snacks in a rainbow of colors. 
  • Gets your kids excited to eat healthy!
  • Takes the stress out of fun food with snacks that take 1 minute or less. 

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5 super easy rainbow fruit snacks

Using fruits your kids already like, make simple fruity snacks in just one minute or less, including this green apple monster. 

5 fun and simple vegetable snacks

Make vegetables fun by turning them into fun characters and treats your kids will actually WANT to eat. Each snack can be made in one minute or less, like this adorable bell pepper Minion.