Put the FUN back in your kids' lunches!

Make fun lunches your kids will WANT to eat without the stress.

Transform Lunch with Fun Lunches Made Easy

Do you ever see those adorable lunches on Pinterest and wonder who has the time to put those together?

Have you ever seen those lunches and wish YOU had the time to send your kids to school with one?

Or, maybe you started making those fun lunches for your kid but realized that the process of planning and making intricate lunches each day was too stressful and time consuming. 

What if I told you I could give you the tools you need to plan and create fun, themed lunches your kids will WANT to eat without the stress.

Without the wasted time. 

Without spending hundreds on single-purpose cutters, picks, and decorations. 

What if I told you I could provide you with the blueprint for creating 2,850 different 5-minute lunches that will bring a smile to your kid's face every day? (Yes, that's 15 school years.) 

With Fun Lunches Made Easy, I give you the tools you need to create fun and easy themed lunches in about 5 minutes or less. It's a system I created for myself when I realized that scanning social media for inspiration and creating fun lunches for my son every day was taking too long and causing me too much stress. When I saw how easy it made turning ordinary lunches into something fun and memorable for kids, I knew I had to share it. 

I'm so excited to announce that in honor of the spookiest time of the year, I am pre-selling Fun Lunches Made Easy for just $16. 

If you pre-order, you will be on the list to be the FIRST to receive the Fun Lunches Made Easy - in fact, you'll get it a week before it officially launches for purchase on November 24th.

Right now you can get Fun Lunches Made Easy for just $16. Fun Lunches Made Easy will officially launch at $31.99 and discounted pre-sale price will gradually increase until it closes on October 31st. 

Please note, you are getting a deep discount on this product because you are purchasing it before it is available for purchase. You will receive Fun Lunches Made Easy in your email on November 17th 2017. 

You can now pre-order Fun Lunches Made Easy for the limited time pre-order price of $16.  

In honor of my favorite time of year, I am offering Fun Lunches Made Easy for pre-order at half price, $16. Make sure that you take advantage of this low price - the price will be increasing after today! Make sure you pre-order today to receive the super low pricing and to receive your copy of Fun Lunches Made Easy one week before it's official release.  

Pre-orders will be delivered via email on November 17, 2017.

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What can you expect from Fun Lunches Made Easy?

Wondering what's included in Lunches Made Easy? Everything you'll need to make fun, themed lunches your kids will love without the stress or wasted time.  

Fun Lunches Made Easy will change your lunch making routine with:

10 super easy themed sandwiches that are easy to put together with step by step photo tutorials to make assembly simple. 

Make your kiddos PB&J look like a bear, sailboat or princess crown with just a few strategic steps. Fill the sandwiches with whatever your kiddos normally love to bring to lunch. (This way, you’re not stuck with specific, intricate lunch recipes - take the steps and add whatever your kids already love!) 

20 crazy fun snacks to add to pair with your kid’s lunches. 

Each snack takes about 1 minute or less and can be mixed and matched to create countless lunches. 

10 examples of completed themed lunches

See 10 examples of how you can set up the snacks and sandwiches, including the exact amount of time it took me to put it together. I aim for each lunch to take just five minutes or less. 

3 no-sandwich options

Perfect for picky eaters. (or days when you’re out of bread!) Not every kiddo loves a sandwich - I get that! That’s why I’ve added 3 options to sub for your sandwiches that will please any sandwich hater.

3 “oh no!” lunches 

These are my EASIEST fun lunches ever for those mornings when you forget to plan or just need something super quick. Each lunch will take about 3 minutes (yes! THREE!) to put together but will still be the fun lunch your kid expects.  

Also included in Fun Lunches Made Easy:

  • Lunchbox Blueprint for outlining the week's lunches. 
  • My 5 easy steps for taking the stress and time out of lunch making. 
  • A printable grocery list you can fill out and take with you. 
  • My list of super simple fun lunch 'must-haves' (that you probably already have!)


I have thought through every step of reducing the time you spend on adding fun to your kids' lunches and included them all in this system. I give you all the steps you need from inspiration to creation to make these lunches in the LEAST amount of time.  

NOTE: Fun Lunches Made Easy is NOT a physical product. It will be delivered to you via the email address you provide when purchasing in PDF form. You are then free to access it on desktop, mobile devices, or by printing and creating a Fun Lunches Made Easy binder. 

Don’t wait - the lowest pricing you'll EVER see ends soon!

Stuggle with getting your kids to eat healthy?

Find easy ways to get your kids to actually EAT what you pack them - even if it's healthy! Simple snacks that take just a minute, like these carrot traffic cones add fun and whimsy to your kids' lunches easily. The 20 snacks you'll find in Fun Lunches Made Easy will take only a minute or so to make, can be mixed and matched in countless combinations, and are an easy way to get your littles to eat fruits and vegetables without the arguments you're used to. 

You've got questions? I've got answers!

Won't my kids get tired of the meals?

No way. You'll receive photo tutorials for 15 'main' lunches, and 20 crazy easy snacks (PLUS 3 whole meals that will take even LESS time for when you're in a time crunch) that can be easily mixed and matched to create - wait for it - 2,850 different combinations for lunch. That means if you send a different combination of 1 main and 2 snacks with your child each day of the school year, you would never repeat lunch for 2 years of PreK plus Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Even if you only concentrate on the lunch mains, you will have 18 different lunches to rotate through. Not to mention, each sandwich can be customized to what YOUR family likes. I won't tell you what to put into it - just how to make it look fun. That way you can rotate your kid's favorite lunches - or stick to their favorite reliable one day after day. 

How much time will I have to spend each week on this?

The actual creation of your lunches will take about 5 minutes each, totalling 25 minutes each school week. Creating more than one lunch at a time will cut down on time (meaning 3 identical lunches for your 3 kids won't take 15 minutes a day - I would guess 8-10 minutes total for that example.) Add in 10 - 15 minutes a week for planning and creating your shopping list, making your TOTAL time each with about 40 minutes a week. Just 40 minutes a week, and you can send your kiddo off with a fun lunch and a smile every.single.day.

Can't I just find all of it on Pinterest?

Totally. You can waste a few hours a week on Pinterest or some other social media saving different lunch ideas. You can also spend another 2 hours deciding which ones will actually work, another hour clicking through all of the pages to get the tutorials (if you're lucky!) and at least another hour back at he drawing board when you realize you're out of something you need. And that's all BEFORE you go to actually make the lunch and realize that it's going to take WAY longer than you thought. 

Or you can take Fun Lunches Made Easy and spend 40 minutes a week not only planning but CREATING fun lunches for your kids. Use the other countless hours you save playing with your kids, going on a date, or taking time for yourself. I've done the planning, testing, and organizing for you. I've spent the time to craft items that aren't just fun, but they're easy and guaranteed to save you time and stress. 

Pre-Order Fun Lunches Made Easy TODAY and transform your kid's lunch routine!

If you've ever wanted to add some fun to your kid's lunches, this is the perfect place to start. 

If you're already making complex lunches for your kid's, Fun Lunches Made Easy will teach you and give you inspiration for how to drastically cut your lunch making time down without sacrificing fun.

If you're on the fence, please feel free to each out to me with any questions you may have about Fun Lunches Made Easy at morgan.wieboldt@outlook.com

Remember - a PDF containing all of the Fun Lunches Made Easy files will be sent directly to you on November 17th 2017 - a full week before I open it to the public. You'll regret missing out on this deal!